Recent Work


Just a quick update to let you know about some of the recent work I’ve been doing in the land of music.

December saw the release of my good friend TE Yates’ Possessed EP on which I played a nice bit of piano, organ and also whipped out the old accordion. I really love this EP, good work to all those involved. ¬†Listen here:

The Bedlam Six also officially released our most recent album entitled Youth, which is available through all usual outlets. We recorded this in a dedicated studio-house over christmas of 2012 and January 2013 so it’s been a while in the making. ¬†As well as the usual piano bits I managed to crowbar in lots of musical tomfoolery such as latin-ragtime upright piano solos, lilting accordion, Sherlock Holmes-esque hammer dulcimer twiddling, wailing Hammond screeches, and additionally I aided in a significant portion of the post-production work. I’m pretty chuffed with it, feel free to have a gander:

Aside from the usual gigs, functions and bits of session work I’ve also managed to stretch my hip-hop muscles with a live recording for the Manchester collective Bellyflop. Tracks are currently listenable on the Bellyflop Soundcloud page, and a selection of live videos are on the Youtubes. The track below has me murking around on a nice suitcase Rhodes EP along with sexy jazz flute licks and funky walking basslines. BOOSH!

Also (and probably because it was very recent and thus I haven’t forgotten about it yet) I had the pleasure of joining the wonderful Phil Howley, Ellis Davies and John Cowham on stage at the launch of Stefan Melbourne‘s latest EP at Gullivers in Manchester on 10th March. Lovely music, excellent company, fun times! Have a listen and support the handsome young feller, he deserves it fo’ sho’: