I possess the following:
N.B. Burglars please disregard this

Nord Piano

This is fully weighted 88 note electric piano with some of the best piano recreation currently on the market. It contains:

4 Grand pianos
3 Upright Pianos
7 EPs including various Fender Rhodes models and Wulitzer
Hohner Clavinet
2 Harpsichord models
CP80 Electric Grand
Full onboard FX
Amp/speaker emulation

As mentioned, the piano sampling is really the bog’s dollocks; I frequently use this for studio recordings

Nord Electro 4D

This is a mighty little beast, specialising in electro-acoustic keyboard emulation.  It contains:

Hammond B3 organ model with drawbars and leslie speaker amp
Vox Continental organ
Farfisa organ
4 Fender Rhodes EP models
Wulitzer EP
Hohner Clavinet
2 grand pianos
1 upright piano
30 voice sample bank including many original Mellotron samples
Full onboard FX
6 alternative amp/speaker emulations
Onboard EQ
Reverb/delay unit

This is a proper little belter and can make some incredible noises, I’m learning something new on it every time I get it out. Also it fits very easily on my back, which is always a bonus as I tend to require less petrol than most other vehicles.

Gallota 72-bass Piano Accordion

She’s got loads of yummy character, om nom nom. 5 different couplers mean she’s got a few different voices too. For gigging I also have an AKG C15ML micro condenser mic with a little powered pre-amp which you can see in the picture just below my big manly chin.

Mackie SRM150

Essentially a tiny portable 3-channel mixer & PA. Good enough for front-of-house in intimate acoustic gigs but most frequently used my me as a very tidy little personal monitor


I also have in my possession a series of assorted musical gubbins, such as a trombone, trumpet, 1960s electric harmonium, melodica, old yet functional 120-bass piano accordion made in 1950s Poland, MIDI keyboard & decent music-sequencing setup, and (s)um bongo(s).

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